Since 1992, Precision Nails has redefined nail care through innovations in safety, quality and professionalism.

Precision Nails protects your safety:

  • we sanitize our hands and put on clean gloves before your service begins;
  • we use a new file for every service and protect you from cross-contamination;
  • we autoclave sterilize our metal tools, exceeding state board requirements;
  • we refuse to provide any service that cannot be performed safely.

Precision Nails delivers quality:

  • we employ licensed beauty professionals;
  • we continually train our staff to meet our high standards and your specific needs;
  • we depend on superior products and our advanced technical skills, not drills;
  • we serve clients in our comfortable leather recliners and gender-neutral environment.

Precision Nails promotes professionalism:

  • we provide professional nail services, not personal relationships;
  • we respect the privacy of our clients;
  • we value your time and work efficiently and diligently to remain on schedule;
  • we support the beauty industry through education, trade shows, competitions and compliance with all applicable laws.