going tipless

Do you have the option to pay your bills? Why do you rely on the optional generosity of your clients to make ends meet? The practice of tipping has a long, problematic history that diminishes our value and professionalism, and complicates client relationships. Skip the tips, awkwardness, manipulative behavior, “etiquette” and fatigue for simple, transparent pricing that supports your lifestyle.

consider the benefits

  • Makes pricing transparent
  • Emphasizes value & actual costs
  • Removes uncertainty & pressure
  • Simplifies transactions
  • Promotes fairness
  • Reduces income variability
  • Reinforces our professionalism
  • Streamlines payroll & reporting

Before making any changes to your pricing, invest in the The Service Pricing Toolkit from This Ugly Beauty Business. Enter your operating expenses, product costs, schedule and other details to calculate your prices.