Gel Enhancements, Not Replacements
Give your clients what they really want . . . enhancements that look so incredibly real they deserve to be worn without polish. Learn to simplify your hard gel application, regardless of your favorite brand(s), without compromising quality.
• Produce strong, beautiful enhancements with fewer products and steps.
• Avoid lifting and breakage with proper preparation.
• Reduce your time and filing by half, no “drills” necessary.

DATE: Saturday, July 7, 2018 from 9 am – 12 pm
LOCATION: Gatlinburg Convention Center, Classroom 4
FEE: $75 after January 1, 2018

Master Your Technique
(Free Event Class)
Regardless of your years of experience or which products you use, strong technical skills should be the foundation of your nail services. From proper filing & cuticle work to the more advanced skills required of enhancement products, this informative demonstration will help you refine your technique, increase efficiency & protect client safety.
• Perform natural nail care & enhancement services using best practices.
• Work within your scope of practice with the most efficient tools.
• Adapt your services to make them more ergonomic.

DATE: Sunday, July 8, 2018 from 10-11 am
LOCATION: Gatlinburg Convention Center, Classroom 1
FEE: Included with Nail Tech Event of the Smokies admission.