Precision Nails Classes Presented by Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D.

Advocacy is Your Right: Protect Your License and Promote Our Industry
Read DescriptionRecent deregulation efforts have left many in the beauty industry feeling powerless. Rather than reacting negatively, we need more salon owners and professionals to participate before these efforts succeed. Demonstrate your commitment to fair and reasonable governance by taking action.
• Inform yourself of the legislative issues.
• Develop your network of stakeholders.
• Strengthen your positions with persuasive evidence and proposed solutions.

Brochure Basics
Read DescriptionWhat does your salon brochure say about you? Learn how an effective brochure communicates your professionalism and the value of your services so you can spend more time doing services and less time explaining.
• Promote your most profitable services with enticing descriptions.
• Include salon policies to reinforce good client behaviors.
• Adapt the content of your brochure to your online presence.

Clients Behaving Badly
Read DescriptionAre bad clients ruining your business and your confidence? Wish you had better clients, and more of them? Apply the strategies successful salon owners use to manage clients, even the most difficult ones.
• Enforce salon policies to screen potential clients and discourage bad behavior.
• Introduce changes to your services, schedule and pricing without confrontation.
• Improve your clientele and job satisfaction.

Competitive Pricing for Salon Success
Read DescriptionAs more salons open, average service prices drop. How can you compete, cover your costs and earn a living? Learn how successful salons thrive, not just survive, based on competitive pricing.
• Determine the impact of your operational and product costs on service pricing.
• Structure reasonable pricing that compensates you more.
• Use your pricing as a marketing tool to attract clients.

Educator Training
Read DescriptionWant to advance your career as an educator? Establishing yourself involves more than demonstrating superior technical skills. Expert educator Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. gives comprehensive advice for becoming the best educator you can be.
• Learn the respective roles and responsibilities of educators and students.
• Improve your communication skills with proven strategies.
• Promote yourself through manufacturers, major trade shows and more.

From Nail Girl to Nail Professional: Price Yourself Right
Read DescriptionCan you make a living doing nails? Absolutely! But being successful requires much more than your artistic talent and technical skills. You need to translate your passion for nails into a financially rewarding career as a respected professional.
• Calculate your costs and service profitability.
• Source your products wisely to lower costs.
• Implement a reasonable pricing structure that compensates you more.

French-style Gel Enhancements
Read DescriptionClassic pink and white enhancements will always be in demand. Learn the Precision Nails method of gel application which saves time, labor and money by simplifying the process, regardless of which brand you prefer.
• Sculpt “tips” for the most natural-looking enhancements.
• Perfect your smile lines with minimal effort.
• Reduce your application and maintenance time to an hour or less.

Greening Your Nail Salon
Read DescriptionIn this competitive industry, clients expect more than quality nails and friendly service. They want to support green, eco-friendly businesses. Evaluating how your salon impacts the environment is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.
• Understand the chemicals in your salon.
• Adopt safer alternatives to standard practices.
• Move beyond recycling to reducing consumption.

Hard Gels Made Easy
Read DescriptionWith so many products available to enhance nails, what’s best for your clients? Learn why hard gel enhancements have the advantage to beautify and protect natural nails with a durable, shiny finish, while being virtually odor-free.
• Simplify your application process, regardless of which brand you prefer.
• Eliminate repairs and lifting with effective prep.
• Reduce your filing time and effort.

I’m Not Your Nail Girl!
Read DescriptionBeing a nail professional usually doesn’t engender much respect. Perhaps this explains why many tolerate being treated as a subservient nail girl (or guy). This attitude of inferiority can have unintended consequences for your business: trivializing your work, minimizing your education and undermining your professionalism.
• Avoid the 5 biggest mistakes.
• Polish your professional image.
• Gain the respect of your clients.

Innovative Nail Services for the Spa Environment
Read DescriptionDespite the growing popularity of professional nail care, nails may be the most neglected aspect of your spa business. With minimal investment, you can capitalize on the demand by offering innovative odorless services suitable for your unique environment.
• Highlight your technical expertise, safety and cleanliness.
Incorporate superior products and tools that easily retail.
• Generate more revenue and increase client loyalty.

Massage for Manicurists
Read DescriptionMassage should be the best part of your manicures and pedicures, but it’s often the most neglected. Make yours more enjoyable and memorable with techniques that don’t require any specialized knowledge, expensive training or additional equipment.
• Develop your own routine to impress your clients.
• Protect your body with proper positioning and movement.
• Work with products that you can also retail.

Master Your Technique
Read DescriptionRegardless of your years of experience or which products you use, strong technical skills should be the foundation of your nail services, from proper filing and cuticle work to the more advanced skills required of enhancements.
• Perform nail services using best practices.
• Complete your work with greater efficiency while protecting client safety.
• Adapt your services to make them more ergonomic.

Nail Salon Safety
Read DescriptionProtecting the safety of nail professionals has become a priority both legally and politically. Evaluate and improve your compliance with state board, OSHA, FDA and other regulatory agencies to make your salon shine.
• Limit the risks of chemical exposure and other salon hazards.
• Protect your business from complaints, fines and lawsuits.
• Provide safer and more effective alternatives to standard practices.

Promote Your Salon through Giving
Read DescriptionTraditional and online marketing have varying costs and benefits, but neither impacts your target audience more directly than giving. Investing in your own community can be affordable and rewarding when you know how to give.
• Support non-profit organizations and other businesses with a local presence.
• Donate proactively and avoid unwelcome solicitations.
• Increase your salon’s visibility and target potential clients.

Purchasing Power
Read DescriptionEver regret a purchase for your salon? We’ve all been there and it can be very expensive! The more services you do, the more products you use, but with careful planning, you can increase your purchasing power.
• Evaluate your product and equipment needs.
• Find the most reliable and cost-efficient sources.
• Negotiate for better pricing and avoid wasting your money.

Smart Scheduling
Read DescriptionTime is money, or at least it should be when working directly with clients. Leverage the value of your limited time to create an ideal schedule and build a profitable business.
• Prioritize your best clients and book standing appointments a year in advance.
• Reduce your non-productive time by streamlining your operation.
• Get paid for late cancellations and no shows.

Waterless Spa Pedicures
Read DescriptionGive clients a relaxing and effective pedicure experience that’s cleaner, greener and smarter than what most salons offer. By eliminating the soak, you can avoid the expense and hassle of using pedicure equipment.
• Focus on your technical skills, including a better massage.
• Transition between clients in less than 60 seconds.
• Update your existing pedicures, or create a new custom service.

Your Business, Your Rules: Salon Policies That Work
Read DescriptionDo your clients expect free repairs and nail art? Do they arrive late for appointments? How do you handle late cancellations and no shows? Take control of your business by developing and enforcing your own rules.
Manage your clients with sensible and clearly written salon policies.
• Eliminate bad behavior before it becomes habit.
• Make your work more enjoyable and profitable.

About Jaime

Since 1992, Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. has worked as a licensed manicurist and owner of Precision Nails, an exclusive employee-based salon in Carmel, California. Beyond the salon, she collaborates on Nail Tech Reality Check, consults with salon owners and manufacturers, writes savvy articles, organizes events and advises California’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and attorneys as an expert witness.